4 Best Indie Games For PS4 [Free Indie games Download]

best indie games for ps4

In this blog, I will be mentioning about the 4 best indie games for PS4 that are available free to download.

Indie games are fun to play games. These games are developed by small developers and companies that are directly launched on internet.

Obviously, these games cannot compete with the big game development companies like Santa Monica Studios or Ubisoft because these companies are well established, had a greater budget and a lot of well skilled developers.

The main reason that these games are not that much popular is because of it’s low quality graphics. Despite having not so good graphics quality these games are played by the gamers throughout the world on such a larger scale.

Which games are in the list of top 4 best Indie games for PS4 that are available free to download?

There are a lot of Indie games available on the internet that are actually cool and better than the big companies. Some are free and some are paid but the most people prefer to play free game but in this big ocean, it is very difficult to find best Indie games.

So, we did a lot of research and shortlisted these 4 Indie games that are available free on the internet.

One Hand Clapping

One Hand Clapping - best indie games for ps4

One hand clapping is a free to play singing based Indie game. It is a two dimensional adventure game that allows the played to complete the level by singing.

It is completely based on players voice. If you don’t know how to sing, don’t worry, you can also whistle and hum (you just need to match the required frequency of your voice).

This game is highly popular throughout the globe and people of all age groups can play this game without any difficulty. One hand clapping is highly popular in office going people as they get relief from their stressful life by playing this game.


Popularity – 9.8/10

Age group – 14 – 45

Platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch

Release date – August 8, 2018

Getting Over It

Getting Over It - best indie games for ps4

Getting Over It video game is developed by Bennett Foddy. It was released on October 6, 2017 and was release on various platforms like Stream, PC and iOS after it’s users resulted in millions

This game is about a man called Doigenes, who is fitted inside a big metallic structure like a big metallic pot with a huge hammer in his hand. He uses his hammer to climb rocks, mountains etc. It is a complete 2D game. The game isn’t easy as it looks. It is a very difficult game to play for the beginners.

The game has a voice-over commentary by the developer itself. The most important part of this game is that you connot save the progress i.e. there are no saving points. The game becomes more and more difficult as you reach at the top. It might result in a rage as many games have broken their PC’s .


Popularity – 9.5/10

Age group – 16 – 55

Platforms – Switch, PC, Android and iOS

Release date – October 6, 2017

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Waltz of the Wizard

Waltz of the Wizard: best indie games for ps4

In our childhood we all have see a lot of wizard cartoons and movies, from that moment we had a curiosity in wizard.

This game can fulfill your curiosity about wizards. Waltz of the Wizard is a virtual reality game that allows the user to experience the magical world. All you need is a VR headset.

The game is full of spells, magic, spirits and magical powers and the best part is that you can access this game free of cost.


Popularity – 9/10

Age group – 16 – 60

Platforms – Switch, PC, Android and iOS

Release date – August 27, 2019

Unreal PT

Unreal PT - best indie games for ps4

Unreal PT is a horror game that is actually based on a game called PT which was released by PlayStation back in 2014. But the game was removed from the playstation consoles due to some unknown reasons. No one knows why.

According to the creators, the reason for creating this game was to continue the legacy of the original game.

Unreal PT is for the horror game lovers.


Popularity – 8.5/10

Age group – 18 – 45

Platforms – Switch, PC

So, this was the list of 4 best indie games for PS4 that are available free to download.

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