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Raji : An Ancient Epic is developed by a tiny team of 7 members. It is an action adventure game about a young girl who is a circus performer called Raji. She live with her little brother Golu. When her brother is abducted by demons, she goes on a mission to rescue his beloved brother Golu. This takes her on a journey of self discovery, unveiling strength she didn’t know she had in her.

Raji Game Review

I definitely liked the concept that she is a circus performer and made all of her climbing and acrobatic skills will makes sense. And it’s an inspiring story of compassion and perseverance that’s told through beautiful shadow puppet style cutscenes. These hark back to the ancient tradition of the shadow play, which has a long history associated with many cultures, including India where the game was  actually made.

 raji game review

In fact, this cultural influence can be seen throughout the game. The story is heavily inspired by Indian mythologies. While the architecture and environments capture the medieval style of Rajasthan. It results in a stunning game that truly does feel like an ancient epic, with thousands of years of human history, enriching the world, you must admit, she shows promise, I don’t think I’ve seen an Indian story and culture in a game before and it’s an absolute delight to experience.

I love how the mythology is woven through just enough as explained that you can follow along. But you get the strong sense that there’s so much more to the characters and stories you being told, how did it come to be here, you’re just scratching the surface. And this sense of depth carries on through to the gameplay, which is surprisingly complex. There’s a decent amount of sophisticated platforming, where you’ll need to leap up platforms and run across walls.

 raji game review

But I did find the movement and controls a little bit clunky, which made things a bit tedious for me, it didn’t feel as fluid as it needed to be, and I spent a lot of time fully in the same spot over and over. The combat is extremely ambitious, interesting and fleshed out. But unfortunately, it’s suffers from that same clunky movement.

There are combos you can string together and also finishing moves, which look impressive. with different weapons, you can also mix up your strategy to suit the fight. Unfortunately, though, I found most of these combos were pretty difficult to properly use.

There are wonderful little tutorials that teach you and move before giving you the opportunity to test them against Real enemies. But even here, I found it hard to nail them, especially the ones that involved running up polls, you need to get the angle just right, and it’s all too easy to get staggered by an enemy and just break your flow.

I really really missed that fluid motion to just carry me through the fights and let the game shine. It felt like it was falling just short of its full potential and what great potential it has. But the clunkiness meant that battles could get a little tedious or I just end up standing back and trying to ping enemies with my boat.

 raji game review

Having said that the attack effects when you do manage a combat move and the cool enemy design kept pulling me through. While being challenging, the fights aren’t difficult enough to get fully frustrating. And even if they aren’t thrilling in gameplay all the time.

I was always enjoying a feast for the eyes. You can also upgrade skills and do some super moves, which adds a little extra pizzazz and sense of progress. Again, this game is made by only seven people it is wildly impressive just how much they’ve managed to pack in and how stylishly they’ve done.

So, for example, I love the way information is shown on screen. There’s no big UI getting in the way of the breathtaking environments, just unobtrusive and stylish health bars and indicators.

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raji game review

You’re also led through the world in a really clean yet subtle meta with fireflies dancing in the direction you’re meant to go. It’s thoughtful design, although there were a few odd times where I completely couldn’t find the way to go. Although maybe that’s because I was so used to being shown so clearly that I kind of just stopped looking so hard.

Raji reminds me of lots of different iconic games like Prince of Persia, but still with its own unique spin. To me, it’s the kind of game I would have played and loved when I was young and forever. held as a great gaming memory.

You can tell when a game is made with hot as well as skill and it leaves a lasting impression. I did struggle a bit with the clunky controls but the game hooked me enough to see it through.

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