The S-400 Defence Missile System

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The S-400 Triumph defence missile system also called as SA-21 Growler by NATO(The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is an air defence missile system developed by Almaz Central Design Bureau of Russia in the 1990’s.

Previously it was called as S-300 PMU-3. S-400 Triumph is the upgraded version of S-300 PMU-3 and S-200 sufrace-to-air missile system.

The S-400 is the most advanced missile defence system till date. Russia has set up four major S-400 regiments which are defending the airspace somewhere in Moscow.

How good is the S-400?

This system is having a range of 400 kms i.e. it can engage the targets that are in the range of 400 kms. The tagrets include aircrafts, all kinds of supersonic ballistic and cruise missiles that are in the range of 400km and which areat the altitude of up to 30kms.

The S-400 system can engege 36 targets at a time i.e. it has a capability to engege and destroy 36 targets on one go which makes it special.


Analising The Specifications :

Maximum target speed 17,000 km/h
Range of target detection 600 km
Maximum range against aerodynamic target
Minimum range against aerodynamic target
2 km
Number of target that can be engaged
36 (older)
80 (new)
Maximum range against ballistic missiles
Minimum range against ballastic missiles
60 km
5 km
Number of missiles that it can launch
2 missiles that can hit one
Almaz Central Design Bureau of Russia
Operator Russia
Range 400 km
Suspension Leaf Spring
Groung Clearance 485 mm

The first batch of S-400 was delivered to China in the month of April 2018 . The second is expected to arrive in the middle of 2019.

S-400 Missile Defence System Deal : India

In case of India , the first batch of the advanced S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile systems will arrive in October 2020.

As per the sources, India had signed a contract with Russia of about $5.43 billion (Rs 40,000 crore) for buying S-400 missile defence system.

It is expected that all the deliveries to India by April 2013.

The S-400 systems will help India to boost its air defence and all the neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Chine will be in its range.

The S-400 missile defence system deal is one of the biggest deals between Russia and India followed by the Sukhoi-30 M deal and INS Vikramaditya deal.

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