Top 7 Healthy benefits of Kesar [Skin, Brain]

benefits of kesar

Hey ! are you searching for benefits of kesar ? If yes, then you have come to the right place. But, first let’s learn some important facts about this wonder spice.

Kesar is a small, bulbous, perennial spice, a member of the lily family. In this blog I am going to tell you about top 7 healthy  benefits of Kesar.

As the world is battling the deadliest pandemic Covid-19, the need to stay fit and healthy has become even more important.

Hence, adding immunity boosting foods to the daily diet can help in improving health. Last but not the least, what makes this spice a magical herb is that it is loaded with carminative, diaphoretic and aphrodisiac properties.

So, here are 7 healthy benefits of kesar,  why you must add this magical herb to your daily diet.

benefits of kesar

7 Healthy benefits of Kesar

1Benefits Of Kesar For Brain :

If you drink Kesar doodh daily it will help boost your memory. Kesar (Saffron) is well-known as a memory-enhancing spice. A study has shown its potential as a natural remedy that can prevent as well as reduce signs of Alzheimer’s disease. It is also said that Kesar can help in preventing oxidative stress in hippocampus, further improving memory skills.

2. Help To Treat Insomnia :

Kesar (saffron) milk is very beneficial for those facing trouble in getting good sleep.  It contains potent antioxidants such as safranal, picrocrocin, and crocin that can keep a host of your health problems at bay. Saffron added to milk or tea can help treat insomnia and also treat depression. This spice is also rich in manganese that is known for its mild sedative properties which help induce sleep.

3. Protects From Cancer :

Kesar (saffron ) contains a dark orange, water soluble carotene called crocin, which is responsible for much of saffron’s golden color. Crocin has been found to trigger apoptosis [ programmed cell death] in a number of different types of human cancer cells, leukemia, ovarian carcinoma, colon adenocarcinoma, and soft tissue sarcoma. Researchers in Mexico who have been studying saffron extract have discovered that saffron and its active components display an ability to inhibit human malignant cells. Not only does the spice inhibit cells that have become cancerous, but it has no such effect on normal cells and actually stimulates their formation and that of lymphocytes [immune cells that help destroy cancer cells].

4. Benefits Of Kesar For Healthy Heart :

Kesar ( saffron ) helps reduce the risk of heart disease by strengthening the circulatory system. The spice is rich in thiamin and riboflavin, and these promote a healthy heart and help prevent various cardiac issues.

Due to its antioxidant properties, kesar (saffron ) helps to maintain healthy arteries and blood vessels. The spice’s anti-inflammatory properties also benefit the heart. The crocetin in the spice indirectly regulates blood cholesterol levels and reduces the severity of atherosclerosis.

5. Benefits of Kesar for Skin [Protects Your Skin From UV Radiation].

Studies suggest that Kesar ( saffron ) could be used as a natural UV-absorbing agent. It contains flavonoid compounds like kaempherol and quercetin, which could be contributing in this regard.

Saffron’s photoprotective effects may also be due to its other phenolic compounds, such as tannic, gallic, caffeic, and ferulic acids. A few of these compounds are used as active ingredients in various sunscreens and skin lotions.

However, saffron doesn’t seem to have any special moisturizing effect. But be cautious of using saffron on your skin and be careful of the amount as saffron may cause the skin to turn yellow if used in excess

6. Protection Against Cold :

Kesar (saffron )  is an effective tonic to treat cold and fever. According to Macrobiotic nutritionist and Health practitioner Shilpa Arora, saffron mixed in milk and applied over the forehead quickly relieves cold. It consists of various healing properties and is warm in nature that helps reduce the risk of catching a cold.

7. Food Preservatives :

Kesar (saffron ) is an excellent replacement for synthetic food preservatives- for eg: instead of FD and C yellow no 5: a synthetic food coloring agent that is a very common allergy trigger, Saffron’s glorious yellow could be an acceptable hypoallergenic choice.

I hope this article on benefits of kesar helps you attain healthy lifestyle.

How To Make Kesar Doodh (Saffron Milk). 

Kesar, popularly known as ‘saffron’ is a very popular and expensive spice used in Indian cuisine. Drinking saffron milk or kesar doodh daily will not only help you in improved digestion and appetite, but also give you healthy and glowing skin.

Ingredients to make Kesar Doodh

  • 1 Cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon honey or sugar
  • Kesar (saffron )


Methods to make Kesar Doodh

  • Pour the milk in a pan and boil for 5 minutes
  • After milk is boiled add sugar
  • After 1 minute add saffron in it

Kesar Doodh Recipe | Jain Rasoi

Your Kesar Doodh is ready to drink. Enjoy it !!

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