Top 7 Trending Hairstyles for Men That Every Girl Gonna Love (2020)

trending hairstyles for men

What is the most popular trending hairstyles for men ?

Hairstyle plays an important role in a persons personality and physical appearance. People judge your appearance more than your nature.So, the question comes , what is the most popular hairstyle for men? Don’t worry i will tell you. Here is a list of  top 7 Trending  Hairstyles For Men That Every Girl Gonna Love (2020).

1. Ducktail

trending hairstyles for men

This style tops the list of top 7 Trending Hairstyles for Men That Every Girl Gonna Love (2020).If you have just enough hair to do any style, try this one.The hair from the sides has been faded to skin and the hair on the top has been kept long for further styling.

Generally, the ducktail effect takes place slightly at the bottom of the hairs. But, you can try to create the central part right from the top to the bottom. It will add a new dimension to the hair.


2. The Samurai Bun

trending hairstyles for men

The Samurai Bun hairstyle is the styling of the long hair tied into a knot higher at the back of the head. You might call it a bun or a ponytail.

This haircut is highly preferred for those people who have curly and wavy hairs.This kind of hairstyle become popular with time respect to time, undergoing a metamorphosis from the warrior style to the contemporary cultural one. 


3. Mohawk

trending hairstyles for men

A person having long medium hair can incorporate this hairstyle. The Mohawk haircut has also encouraged the people to grow a beard.This style is suitable for both men and women. In this style, a person’s hairs are blown out to make it easy to comb them straight.There are so many versions of this classic Mohawk style.

The hair is trimmed very low and eventually fades when it approaches the beard. The hair and the beard are not linked because of baldness in the third fade layer. Currently the Mohawk style is more trending and popular than ever before, with most of the celebs, football players, and top fashion models for their photo shoots.

4. Vertical Haircut

trending hairstyles for men

Vertical Haircut is a classical hairstyle designed for blonde hairs.The popularity of this hairstyle is increasing day by day.In this technique the stylists lifts the hair and cut over the head . Then the stylist creates a layered look with a vertical cutting line.

In this style, the middle hairs are bigger as compared to sideways hair. The middle hairs are blown out to make it easy for the barber to comb the hairs in a sideways direction.The hair should be held approximately six centimetres from the ends in your fingers, so that the hair sticks out vertically.

5. The Fringe

trending hairstyles for men

This hairstyle gives you a unique and mesmerizing look.Fringe hairstyle  is a new generation hairstyle in which hair fall over the scalp’s front hairline to cover your forehead. Some boys prefer this hairstyle to cover their eyes. Fringe hairstyle make men look like a high school guy.

You need to have a lengthy fringe hair to have this haircut.  You don’t need beard to incorporate this hairstyle. This presents a perfect opportunity for a person to show off his lengthy fringe hair.

6. Blonde

trending hairstyles for men

As the name suggests, it gives you a blonde look. This look enables a person to design his fringe hair in numerous ways.

There are a lot of blonde haircuts for men , including short, medium and long, that means it is a challenge in deciding which blonde hairstyle suits you better. The different varieties  include undercut, fade,  comb over, pompadour and quiff.

You can have a a very tiny beard or you can completely shave off your beards to achieve the maximum lookout of this haircut.

7. The Long One

It’s best to opt for a style that works with your natural hair thickness and growth pattern. This hairstyle is my favorite among the top 7 trending Hairstyles For Men That Every Girl Gonna Love (2020).

 This hairstyle suits every hair type whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly. Most Hollywood actors like Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth (Our loving Thor) have opted this hairstyle for a long time and they look fabulous in that look.

I personally recommend you to have this hairstyle.

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