What is Second life game? [For Online PC, Android Download]

what is Second life game

What is Second Life Game?

So the question comes, “what is Second life game?”. Well, Second life game is a online three dimensional virtual world having no points or scoring. The player can participate in the open world by a virtual representation of the person, animal or whatever you can dream. You can also move through the world by means of walking, teleporting and also by flying. When you meet other people, you all can have a conversation with them using voice chat and also by messaging privately.

Second life game online offers you to freely  choose your avatar according to your gender, you can customize your appearance through custom versions . You can also select different styles of walking and also dancing largely taken from high quality motion capture. You can make yourself look like nearly anything you want.

 Second Life game online economy is based on something called “Lindens” which can be purchased using real money and  many of items are sold for the equivalent of $1-2 (US dollars). Second life is not like  television or other kind of media in which information flows only to the participants of the game.

what is Second life game

Mostly the people spend time in the Second Life game for their individual reasons, but most of them are very common. Perhaps the most common is to explore a “second life” in which you can give up inhibitions and pretend to be someone who you would not dare to or may find dangerous in the real. This might include role playing of  the sexual encounters and much more.

In the year 2007 there was a huge wave of people that had brought a lot of public, and corporate organizations into Second Life game. This wave lasted for almost two years. We suspect that many people found the environment unnatural and did not stay there for a long period. Online participation of the game at any given time is about 50,000 people.

Some good things about the game

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